Going the clean way

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D.G. Gebäudereinigung


Our highly qualified and specially trained employees have the know-how to handle specialized detergents. Our team is trained regularly in applying the latest techniques and methods. You can expect reliability and competence in a trustful long-term relationship. The safety of individuals, the environment and your property is our mission!

Gebäudereinigung professionell


Our special cleaning equipment for buildings offers an individual and specified fulfillment of every customer request. We constantly develop our state-of-the-art cleaning processes, methods and technologies. Through this we are able to serve even the most complex and most exceptional orders.

Gebäudereinigung professionell


To analyze the customers needs accurately is the key to develop and apply the best cleaning concept possible. Advanced materials are often used in modern architecture and lead to a unique look of corporate buildings. Taking care of those materials requires a lot of expertise and maintenance. We offer a careful and environmentally friendly handling of your property.

Gebäudereinigung professionell